Omega – A Legacy in Time Keeping

One of the finest Swiss watchmakers of all time, Omega is well known not only for its extensive features, but also it has a legacy in technologically advanced timepiece making. This brand has a long association with Hollywood as well. They have supported James Bond movies as the official timekeeper since 1995 by embellishing the wrist of Pierce Brosnan in ‘Golden Eye’.

The brand ‘Omega’ has been a part of various head-turning projects throughout the World –

The Project ‘Goodplanet’ – This project in collaboration with Goodplanet foundation was truly a tribute to the human race, which shows that they are still capable of changing their future just by looking differently at life. Omega along with Goodplanet took active participation in raising awareness about different environmental issues, while encouraging sustainable development through award-winning documentaries and worthy projects.

Omega and NASA – When NASA asked for a watch, precise enough for travelling in the space, only Omega has passed the test. The legacy of Omega’s Speedmaster was ensured when in the year 1969; it became the first watch worn on the Moon.

The first Omega in space was the one, worn by Wally Schirra on October 3, 1962 during his Mercury mission. In the year 1964, when NASA asked for quotes on wrist chronographs, Omega was one of the four watchmakers that submitted timepieces for the rigorous testing. After that, in 1965, NASA declared the Speedmaster as flight-qualified for all space missions.

On July 21st, 1969 as soon as Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin set foot on the lunar surface, wearing the Speedmaster – it became Moonwatch. In April 1970, the astronauts of Apollo 13 had managed to land safely though they were having critical engine burns; only by using the precise timekeeping of their Omega Speedmaster.

Solar Impulse and Omega – a journey from the Moon to the Sun: In the year 2003 when Bertrand Piccard presents the idea of a solar powered plane, Omega became the main partner of that Solar Impulse Project. The Omega contributed by presenting the Omega instrument that was used to indicate the flight path and alerts the pilot if the angle of the wings exceeds a normal limit. A lightweight landing light system was also provided by the Omega, which was a necessary addition to that HB-SIA aircraft.

In the BASELWORLD 2016, Omega unveiled numerous new collections with innovative features and stunning capabilities. Some of the watches from the BASELWORLD 2016 are –

  • The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Gents’ Collection
  • The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M ‘Chocolate’
  • The Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon ‘Meteorite’
  • The Globemaster Annual Calendar
  • The Constellation Small Seconds
  • The Speedmaster Moonphase
  • The Seamaster Aqua Terra ‘Goodplanet’ etc. night-time

Omega, from the very beginning, was not only a timepiece; but also it was a high-precision instrument appreciated worldwide for excellent craftsmanship. The watches manufactured by the finest artisans of the industry go through rigorous and meticulous checking before they are certified and dispatched for sell. Here are some of the procedures regularly followed by the Omega to ensure that, their timepieces meet the ultimate need of the professionals –

Resistance to the magnetic fields

The Master Chronometer from Omega is certified only after extensive testing through various methods to ensure that the timepieces are resistant to magnetic exposure as high as 15,000 GAUSS. While exposed to the high magnetic field, the functionality of the watch is thoroughly monitored by an audible checking procedure by the help of a microphone.

Test to confirm the “Average Daily Chronometric Precision of the Watch”

The main purpose of this test is to make sure that, the precision of the timepiece is simply up to the mark. This procedure is carried out for more than 4 days by placing the watch in six different positions and two alternating temperature zones. Chronometric precision is measured each day and at the end of four days, the results are calculated to record a daily average perfection.

Checking the ‘Power Reserve’

Every automatic timepiece is equipped with a scheduled power reserve, which means – for that period the watch will keep going even without any winding. The test for power reserve ensures that, the product continues to function at the limit of its expected capacity.

Test for Water Resistance

In this test, testing machinery submerges the timepieces under water and starts a gradual increase in water pressure up to the point of the stated water resistance to make sure that each device is properly monitored for under water conditions.

Omega has some of the most ravishing and alluring watch-series for both men and women under their each collection –

The collection ‘Constellation’

This collection is jewellery more than a watch. The exquisite line launched in the year 2009 is a revamped contemporary upgrade of a family member of Omega, which has been as essential part since 1982.

The collection ‘Globemaster’

The OMEGA Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer is truly an example of Omega’s splendid precision and outstanding performance.

The collection ‘Seamaster’

As the name depicts, the watches under this collection are specially crafted for diving activities and water sports. The timepieces have an excellent water resistance and equipped with some special features like Helium Escape Valve, Screw-in Crown for better under water performance. There are numerous series of timepieces under this collection –

I. Seamaster 300
II. Planet Ocean 600M
III. Aqua Terra 150M
IV. Diver 300M
V. Bullhead
VI. Ploprof 1200M

The collection ‘Speedmaster’

This collection was inspired by racing design in the year 1957. In 1965, NASA approved this collection for all manned space missions. There are various compelling and alluring series under this collection –

I. Moonwatch
II. Speedmaster ’57
III. Mark-II
IV. Racing
VI. Skywalker X-33
VII. Spacemaster Z-33

The collection ‘De Ville’

This urban collection is meant for daily use. The watches have an elegant finishing with stylish design. The series under this collection are named as –

I. Ladymatic
II. Hour Vision
III. Tresor
IV. Prestige
V. Tourbillon

The collection ‘Specialities’

As the name depicts, within this collection, there are numerous timepieces which were produced in a limited number and particularly for a purpose –

I. Olympic Official Timekeeper
II. Olympic Pocket Watch 1932
III. Museum
IV. Olympic Collection

With an enormous collection and immense knowledge fused with exquisite procedures, Omega has been one of the most appreciated and recognized timekeepers for all times. A legacy that had been started in the year 1848 at Switzerland continues to cater the ever-changing needs of the watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs from all over the World.

Omega-3 Foods: Mouthwatering Recipes For Complete Eating

There’s nothing like a fresh green salad topped with a pan-seared salmon filet. As delicious as this meal is, it’s actually loaded with omega-3, the most beneficial nutrient known to man.

Without laundry-listing the proven benefits of omega-3, I want to share some foods with omega fats that you’ll actually enjoy eating.

Omega-3 Recipe Starters

Let’s start with some walnuts, perhaps candied walnuts, on a bed of fresh greens. Throw in some roasted squash, navy beans, and a big hunk of tuna. You’ve got yourself another tasty salad with all the ingredients of omega-3 success. Your choice of dressing–most creamy dressings are high in vitamin E. That’s an added bonus.

So, we know about nuts an beans, let’s move on to different kinds of fish. Have you ever tried arctic char? This fish tastes like salmon, but actually has more omega-3. You’re not going to find a better omega-3 food. The cold arctic waters have packed this fish with beneficial oils, so grill it up. Have some spinach or another leafy green on the side, maybe some kale seared with extra virgin olive oil. Top that with a few grilled scallops, and you’re good to go.

Do you like shrimp? Who doesn’t like shrimp. Grill five shrimp–don’t grill away the fat, and don’t forget the olive oil. Throw these on some pasta, if you can handle the carbs. Saute together with some cooked soybeans, your choice of veggies and seasonings, and you have another wonderful omega-3 meal.

Don’t Worry: When You Can’t Find Omega-3 Foods

It’s tough in the US to have an endless supply of fatty fish and quality greens. It takes a lot of greens and nuts to make up for one serving of fish. Also, if you happen to be traveling, you’re likely aware of the harmful toxins lacing fatty fish. Remember to be careful.

Your alertness is your most healthy asset. It’s been easy to stay on top of things like mercury in the past. Today, chemicals worse than mercury are found in fish and other omega-3 rich foods. The safest way to get your fatty acids is in a distilled supplement. I had trouble finding a good supplement myself, and there’s no reason for you to go through the same research hassle.

When you can’t cook your omega-3, don’t let your nervous system starve.

We both know the pitfalls of sacrificing health for pleasure, but don’t worry too much either. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

Omega Speedmaster Watches Depict the Moon Though the Watchmaking

Omega Speedmaster watches with their endurance and a tough resistance have achieved the high where no other brand could reach. The acclamation from watch enthusiasts started pouring in the house of the brand once it convinced NASA to accompany them on their space missions. As hard and excellent as the confidence of the space organisation, these watches remained extraordinary for all. The watches of the Speedmaster collection continue to bask in glory as it expands with time by introducing new timepieces. The Moonwatch of the collection has been regarded for associating the astronauts of NASA in the six lunar missions. There are many watches come under the collection that includes Speedmaster Professional, Dark Side of the Moon, Grey Side of the Moon and more. The content below expresses the inside of the watchmaking in the Speedmaster collection.

The Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch:

The Professional Moonwatch has been enjoying an association with Nasa since their first mission in 1969. It proved well that how much efficient the brand is for conducting such challenging task with ease. Passing the stringent test planned by the space organisation, the collection won the hearts of astronauts with the featured required in a space exploration. The Chronograph Moonwatch has held a distinguished place as the only accessory that has been used by NASA in their piloted space missions. The design of these watches is as marvellous as the legacy itself. The 42mm chronograph dial comes in mystique black to recreate the much-expected look of the moon. The indexes and hands start glowing in dark for having the Super-LumiNova coating on it. The chronograph function is presented through a 30-minute recorder, 12-hour recorder and a small second sub-dial. The case is matched brilliantly with a bracelet or a leather strap.

Dark Side of the Moon:

The Dark Side of the Moon, as the name defines, recreates the mystic side of the moon through the details and designs of the watchmaking. The Apollo 8 Astronauts were the first to get the sensual glimpse of the dark side of the moon. These watches of the collection are the remembrance of the daunting mission to the moon explored by Apollo 8 astronauts. Crafted with a single block of zirconium oxide ceramic, the watches have been successful in bringing the atmosphere as aesthetic as the moon on the wrist of the watch lovers. The dial gets complemented by the 44.25m ceramic case with the polished case body. With an excellent detailing and advanced mechanism, watches offer the chronograph function with independently controlled pushers placed on the case body. Variations are also there in the design of the watches with vintage black, pitch black and sedan black dials.

The Speedmaster Moonphase:

The collection with their upgraded technological support is even able to measure different phases of the moon with following the legacy of the brand. Since the Speedmaster was the first watch that travelled to the moon, the collection offers an extensive view by counting different phases of the moon. There is also another achievement for the collection as it has achieved the certification of METAS as well as the title of the Master Chronometer watch. The play of colours is equally interesting as the features of the brand. A visual treat has been given by models with opaline silver, sun-brushed or blue dials. The bezel of the watch justifies the detailing with an unfading glow earned by the use of ceramic material. The watches are available in a stainless steel, 18k yellow gold or 18k sedan gold case. Maintaining the rhythmic tune, the sub-dials with two hands also contribute in designing watches. Added to this, the image of the moon in the moonphase sub-dial is the same as described by the NASA astronauts.

Grey Side of the Moon:

The watches of the Grey Side of the Moon would definitely take you on the land of the moon with its originality in creating the adventurous look of the satellite. They exude an unaffected beauty with the 18k Sedna gold case. The meteorite dial of the watch takes an indigenous look that is as marvellous as your personality. With a slight change in design, the watches get tachymeter scale in rose gold colour adding an exceptional beauty to the detailing of the watch.

Omega Speedmaster watches are indeed robust and eloquent for withholding the extremities on space as well as for maintaining the fashion of the generation. The Moon watches consider to be renowned timepieces in the brand’s history for accompanying the astronauts in their missions.