Omega 3 Fatty Acids And Brain Activity

The essential omega 3 fatty acids are known to play an important role in protecting the body from a series of medical conditions. They are prescribed to help prevent heart disease and they can improve the mental condition of people suffering from depression or bipolar disorder. Medics believed that omega 3 fats also have a positive effect on brainpower, but they did not have any solid evidence for that.

A scientific study was conducted on more than 100 children from 12 Durham schools. For six months, they were given capsules containing omega 3 supplements after each meal. While not all children presented poof of boosting their mental capabilities, about 40% of children showed some clear improvement.

Medics selected children who were not fulfilling their potential at school, but their general ability was normal. Prior to the test, they were subjected to regular tests to measure their co-ordination, concentration and academic ability. The study followed an experimental method called a “randomised double-blind controlled trial”. Half the children were given capsules of Omega 3, and half given placebos. They did not know what kind of capsule they had been given.

The dramatic effects of Omega 3 fats on the children in the Durham trial may hinge on several functions of fatty acids in the brain. Electrical signals travel through the brain from one neuron to the next. In the changeover, a signal needs to leave one brain cell at a point called the synapse and cross a physical gap before entering the neighboring neuron. For signals to enter a neuron, they need to pass through the walls that surround them. These walls, known as cell membranes, consist almost entirely of fats. About 20% are essential fatty acids like Omega 3s.

In the brain cell membranes, there are structures called ion channels that open to allow the flow of electrical signals into the cell or close to prevent the flow. Scientists believe that DHA, an essential fat, makes the membrane that holds these channels more elastic, making it easier for ion channels to change shape, thus – allowing electric impulses to travel with faster speed. If there is not enough DHA available, it is harder for ion channels to change shape within the fatty membrane, hindering their control over electrical impulses entering the cell.

That is why more and more medics recommend omega 3 supplements be given to people suffering from a series of mental conditions which would prevent them from achieving maximum mental capabilities, such as ADHD or dyslexia.

Truth About Omega 3 and Retina Health Demystified

Have you heard about the connection between omega 3 and retina health? Omega 3 fatty acids offer a lot of health benefits and promoting a healthy retina is one of them. Omega 3 and retina health are directly linked and omega 3 is important not only in the development of the retina but in the prevention of retinopathies as well.

What is the retina in the first place? The retina is the tissue lining the surface of the eye. It is sensitive to light and exposure to light triggers a series of chemical and electrical activities that produce nerve impulses. These nerve impulses travel to the different visual centers in the brain through the optic nerve fibers. It can be compared to the film of a camera where images from the lens of the eyes are focused on the retina.

The retina of the eyes of a newborn is actually made up of about 70% omega 3, specifically DHA and EPA. Pregnant mothers who increase their omega 3 intake contribute a lot to healthy eyesight and good visual acuity of their baby due to a healthy retina.

There is also a link between omega 3 and retina problems. Studies show that omega 3 fatty acids can help prevent retinal diseases like age-related molecular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. Omega 3 fatty acids work by combating cell damage in the retina of the eyes. Studies also show that omega 3 has bio active mediators that help protect against abnormal growth of blood vessels in the eyes which is the case in some retinopathies.

The connection between omega 3 and retina health is very strong that is why it is important that we get enough omega 3 for healthy vision. How can we get omega 3, specifically DHA and EPA omega 3 fatty acids? One way is by eating fatty fish. Fatty fish like tuna, salmon, and hoki are naturally rich in DHA and EPA but you have to make sure that you have to consume it regularly each week.

Another way to provide the body with omega 3 is through fish oil supplements. Fish oil supplements are meant to be taken daily on a regular basis. When choosing supplements, make sure that it has undergone molecular distillation to ensure that it is free from toxins and impurities. It should also have as much as 28% DHA and at least 12% EPA.

Healthy eyes help you live a good and happy life. Omega 3 can help keep your eyes healthy so what are you waiting for? Visit the resource below for more information on how omega 3 can help your health.

How Omega 3 Fish Oil Can Help Calm and Ease Systemic Inflammation

If you suffer from systemic inflammation you should know that Omega 3 fish oil can go a long way to calming it and giving you relief from many of the symptoms. This can be critical since rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic inflammatory conditions can damage your body and cause problems over the long term.

Essential fatty acids such as those found in Omega 3 fish oil can help calm this inflammation. They do it by blocking the body’s ability to produce inflammatory compounds. There are several chemicals which are produced by the body that travel throughout the system causing pain, swelling and joint destruction. By reducing the levels of those chemicals you reduce the inflammation.

Omega 3 fish oil can also help the body heal itself more efficiently. It causes the cardiovascular and circulatory systems to work more efficiently. Science has proven that increased circulation can be one of the best ways that the body can heal itself. By allowing your body to work more naturally, you can also help to reduce the damage that comes from inflammation.

If you are currently suffering from a serious inflammatory condition, you want to make sure you are checking with your doctor in order to ensure that the supplements do not affect your medications. The good thing about Omega 3 fish oil is that it is very natural and beneficial and very rarely is there a chance that it might cause problems with the medications you are taking.

You also want to make sure that if you are taking Omega 3 fish oil, that you do not take the formulations which also have Omega 6 in them. This is because Omega 6 fatty acids can actually increase the levels of inflammation in the body. They can reduce blood flow and these are two things which you want to avoid if you are suffering from an inflammatory condition.

You also want to make sure that you are taking very high grade Omega 3 products. You want to look for supplements which contain pharmaceutical grade. This is because the pharmaceutical grade designation ensures it contains high levels of beneficial compounds. You also want to make sure that you pick supplements which are fresh and do not contain any toxins or heavy metals.

By taking Omega 3 fish oil you can ensure that you feel better overall and that any chronic inflammatory condition that you have has much less of an impact on your body.