Omega 3 Fatty Acids And Brain Activity

The essential omega 3 fatty acids are known to play an important role in protecting the body from a series of medical conditions. They are prescribed to help prevent heart disease and they can improve the mental condition of people suffering from depression or bipolar disorder. Medics believed that omega 3 fats also have a positive effect on brainpower, but they did not have any solid evidence for that.

A scientific study was conducted on more than 100 children from 12 Durham schools. For six months, they were given capsules containing omega 3 supplements after each meal. While not all children presented poof of boosting their mental capabilities, about 40% of children showed some clear improvement.

Medics selected children who were not fulfilling their potential at school, but their general ability was normal. Prior to the test, they were subjected to regular tests to measure their co-ordination, concentration and academic ability. The study followed an experimental method called a “randomised double-blind controlled trial”. Half the children were given capsules of Omega 3, and half given placebos. They did not know what kind of capsule they had been given.

The dramatic effects of Omega 3 fats on the children in the Durham trial may hinge on several functions of fatty acids in the brain. Electrical signals travel through the brain from one neuron to the next. In the changeover, a signal needs to leave one brain cell at a point called the synapse and cross a physical gap before entering the neighboring neuron. For signals to enter a neuron, they need to pass through the walls that surround them. These walls, known as cell membranes, consist almost entirely of fats. About 20% are essential fatty acids like Omega 3s.

In the brain cell membranes, there are structures called ion channels that open to allow the flow of electrical signals into the cell or close to prevent the flow. Scientists believe that DHA, an essential fat, makes the membrane that holds these channels more elastic, making it easier for ion channels to change shape, thus – allowing electric impulses to travel with faster speed. If there is not enough DHA available, it is harder for ion channels to change shape within the fatty membrane, hindering their control over electrical impulses entering the cell.

That is why more and more medics recommend omega 3 supplements be given to people suffering from a series of mental conditions which would prevent them from achieving maximum mental capabilities, such as ADHD or dyslexia.

Omega Speedmaster Watches Depict the Moon Though the Watchmaking

Omega Speedmaster watches with their endurance and a tough resistance have achieved the high where no other brand could reach. The acclamation from watch enthusiasts started pouring in the house of the brand once it convinced NASA to accompany them on their space missions. As hard and excellent as the confidence of the space organisation, these watches remained extraordinary for all. The watches of the Speedmaster collection continue to bask in glory as it expands with time by introducing new timepieces. The Moonwatch of the collection has been regarded for associating the astronauts of NASA in the six lunar missions. There are many watches come under the collection that includes Speedmaster Professional, Dark Side of the Moon, Grey Side of the Moon and more. The content below expresses the inside of the watchmaking in the Speedmaster collection.

The Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch:

The Professional Moonwatch has been enjoying an association with Nasa since their first mission in 1969. It proved well that how much efficient the brand is for conducting such challenging task with ease. Passing the stringent test planned by the space organisation, the collection won the hearts of astronauts with the featured required in a space exploration. The Chronograph Moonwatch has held a distinguished place as the only accessory that has been used by NASA in their piloted space missions. The design of these watches is as marvellous as the legacy itself. The 42mm chronograph dial comes in mystique black to recreate the much-expected look of the moon. The indexes and hands start glowing in dark for having the Super-LumiNova coating on it. The chronograph function is presented through a 30-minute recorder, 12-hour recorder and a small second sub-dial. The case is matched brilliantly with a bracelet or a leather strap.

Dark Side of the Moon:

The Dark Side of the Moon, as the name defines, recreates the mystic side of the moon through the details and designs of the watchmaking. The Apollo 8 Astronauts were the first to get the sensual glimpse of the dark side of the moon. These watches of the collection are the remembrance of the daunting mission to the moon explored by Apollo 8 astronauts. Crafted with a single block of zirconium oxide ceramic, the watches have been successful in bringing the atmosphere as aesthetic as the moon on the wrist of the watch lovers. The dial gets complemented by the 44.25m ceramic case with the polished case body. With an excellent detailing and advanced mechanism, watches offer the chronograph function with independently controlled pushers placed on the case body. Variations are also there in the design of the watches with vintage black, pitch black and sedan black dials.

The Speedmaster Moonphase:

The collection with their upgraded technological support is even able to measure different phases of the moon with following the legacy of the brand. Since the Speedmaster was the first watch that travelled to the moon, the collection offers an extensive view by counting different phases of the moon. There is also another achievement for the collection as it has achieved the certification of METAS as well as the title of the Master Chronometer watch. The play of colours is equally interesting as the features of the brand. A visual treat has been given by models with opaline silver, sun-brushed or blue dials. The bezel of the watch justifies the detailing with an unfading glow earned by the use of ceramic material. The watches are available in a stainless steel, 18k yellow gold or 18k sedan gold case. Maintaining the rhythmic tune, the sub-dials with two hands also contribute in designing watches. Added to this, the image of the moon in the moonphase sub-dial is the same as described by the NASA astronauts.

Grey Side of the Moon:

The watches of the Grey Side of the Moon would definitely take you on the land of the moon with its originality in creating the adventurous look of the satellite. They exude an unaffected beauty with the 18k Sedna gold case. The meteorite dial of the watch takes an indigenous look that is as marvellous as your personality. With a slight change in design, the watches get tachymeter scale in rose gold colour adding an exceptional beauty to the detailing of the watch.

Omega Speedmaster watches are indeed robust and eloquent for withholding the extremities on space as well as for maintaining the fashion of the generation. The Moon watches consider to be renowned timepieces in the brand’s history for accompanying the astronauts in their missions.

Omega 3 and Retina – Are They Related?

Benefits of omega 3 fatty acids are enormous – brain development, cardiovascular advantages and protection of heart from strokes and attacks top the list. But you know that omega 3 and retina are also related? Regular intake of omega3 decreases the risk of retinal diseases.

Let us explore further

DHA type of omega3 is present in high concentration in retina; a complex, layered structure, light-sensitive part of the eye. Light striking the retina is captured by millions of photoreceptors in it and are converted to electrical impulses. These impulses travel to the brain where they are turned into images. Any damage to retina (because of any reason) could result in permanent blindness.

Scientific studies have proved that consumption of omega 3 and retina health go hand in hand. Retinal diseases as listed below can be prevented with the regular dosage of effective DHA omega fat.

1. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) – It is the main cause of vision loss in older people in America. In this disease photoreceptors cells in retina break down and die, thus no impulses are sent to brain and you cannot see properly. Omega3 helps in maintaining healthy photoreceptors.

2.Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) – It affects premature babies. Here the blood vessels in the baby’s retina increase excessively, resulting in bleeding, scarring and even blindness in some cases. Regular dose of omega 3 can prevent all this. This is the reason pregnant women are recommended to start on omega 3 from third trimester.

3.Diabetic retinopathy – It happens when either the blood vessels in retina grow abnormally or they swell and leak fluid. Omega3 fat’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce the undesired inflammation and swelling.

Essential omega-3 fatty acids have been found to play an important role in protecting against abnormal growth of blood vessels. It also helps in combating the photoreceptors cell damage. Daily ingestion of omega3 can reduce AMD by more than 38%.

DHA fat being an essential fat (i.e. the body does not produce it internally) is required to be included in your diet to keep retina healthy.

To have right balance between Omega 3 and retina, healthy and oily fish is the best source. But because of toxicity present in them, fish oil supplement has emerged as the best option. However, because supplement industry is not heavily regulated, there are many substandard products available in the markets that still contain these pollutants.

You should always go in for a supplement that has been processed through a purification method known as molecular distillation. This method ensures that all the unwanted and harmful toxins are filtered out and only rich, pure and pharmaceutical grade oil is left for your consumption.

Besides DHA Omega 3 and retina, fish oil supplements are beneficial for brain health too. To find out why you should increase your DHA intake and also what to look for in a quality supplement, visit my website.