Omega 3 and Retina – Are They Related?

Benefits of omega 3 fatty acids are enormous – brain development, cardiovascular advantages and protection of heart from strokes and attacks top the list. But you know that omega 3 and retina are also related? Regular intake of omega3 decreases the risk of retinal diseases.

Let us explore further

DHA type of omega3 is present in high concentration in retina; a complex, layered structure, light-sensitive part of the eye. Light striking the retina is captured by millions of photoreceptors in it and are converted to electrical impulses. These impulses travel to the brain where they are turned into images. Any damage to retina (because of any reason) could result in permanent blindness.

Scientific studies have proved that consumption of omega 3 and retina health go hand in hand. Retinal diseases as listed below can be prevented with the regular dosage of effective DHA omega fat.

1. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) – It is the main cause of vision loss in older people in America. In this disease photoreceptors cells in retina break down and die, thus no impulses are sent to brain and you cannot see properly. Omega3 helps in maintaining healthy photoreceptors.

2.Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) – It affects premature babies. Here the blood vessels in the baby’s retina increase excessively, resulting in bleeding, scarring and even blindness in some cases. Regular dose of omega 3 can prevent all this. This is the reason pregnant women are recommended to start on omega 3 from third trimester.

3.Diabetic retinopathy – It happens when either the blood vessels in retina grow abnormally or they swell and leak fluid. Omega3 fat’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce the undesired inflammation and swelling.

Essential omega-3 fatty acids have been found to play an important role in protecting against abnormal growth of blood vessels. It also helps in combating the photoreceptors cell damage. Daily ingestion of omega3 can reduce AMD by more than 38%.

DHA fat being an essential fat (i.e. the body does not produce it internally) is required to be included in your diet to keep retina healthy.

To have right balance between Omega 3 and retina, healthy and oily fish is the best source. But because of toxicity present in them, fish oil supplement has emerged as the best option. However, because supplement industry is not heavily regulated, there are many substandard products available in the markets that still contain these pollutants.

You should always go in for a supplement that has been processed through a purification method known as molecular distillation. This method ensures that all the unwanted and harmful toxins are filtered out and only rich, pure and pharmaceutical grade oil is left for your consumption.

Besides DHA Omega 3 and retina, fish oil supplements are beneficial for brain health too. To find out why you should increase your DHA intake and also what to look for in a quality supplement, visit my website.

Boosting Fertility With Omega Fish Oil Pills

The Effects of Omega 3 on Fertility in Females

For a woman to be fertile, she must have a normal menstrual cycle. Often, irregular cycles can disrupt the prediction of fertile days, making it hard for a woman to track ovulation. In addition, women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome or excessive cramping may experience also anovulation, which is when the ovaries do not properly release an egg. There have been studies that show women who take fish oil pills see, to have lessened symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

In addition, studies have recently shown that Omega 3 fish oil can be helpful in treating polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS. This is a common type of infertility, and there has been proof that women who take a fish oil supplement that includes EPA had a better chance of conceiving and a lowered chance of miscarriage.
The best fish oil supplements include both EPA and DHA, which are both important for the neurological development of the baby while in the womb. If you consume an Omega iii supplement throughout pregnancy, and especially during the third trimester, you can make sure that your baby has the best chance of avoiding developmental problems.

The Effects of Omega 3 on Fertility in Males

In order for a man to have healthy sperm production, a healthy prostate is also a must. Studies have shown that some of the Omega 3 benefits for males include the reduction of the risk of prostatitis. In addition, the fish oil supplements help to regulate the blood that travels to the genitals, keeping them healthy.

Both DHA and EPA in Omega 3 fatty acids help to build up the cell membranes, and they are essential to healthy cells. This includes the sperm cell. Often, poor sperm mobility and vitality can be attributed to a deficiency in DHA. Sperm cells low in DHA will often be made up of too much cholesterol. When this happens, the sperm cells cannot develop correctly. An immature sperm cell will not be able to properly fertilize the egg.

Because Omega 3 acids are so important to a healthy life, they should be a part of any diet for couples trying to conceive. If you are working on your fertility, be sure to take fish oil supplements on a daily basis.

Discover 6 Great Benefits of Omega 3 – Health Foods and Supplements

For so many years Omega 3 has been helping people to improve the quality of their lives, from healthy hearts to healthier and clearer minds, which is fantastic.

Right now there is an abundance of informational literature out there on the amazing benefits from regular supplementation of omega 3 and its fatty acids.

By doing a Google Search you will acquire tons of information on the subject, without ever having to travel to local health food and supplements store, which is so convenient.

Scientists are still discovering more and more the large health benefits of fish oil, and the possible presentation of heart diseases, cancer prevention, including mood disorder.

The fish that you will find Omega 3 fatty acid in are salmon, tuna, halibut, mackerel, herring, sardines, lake trout including many other oily fish out there.

A list of some of the many benefits of Omega 3 and fish oils.

• One of the potential benefits from Omega 3 fatty acids is that it may protect against the accumulation of a protein believed to be linked to a number of diseases.

• Apart from all other growth and development Omega 3 fatty acids can play a crucial role in our brain function.

• If a person has had a heart attack and supplements omega 3 this can reduce the risk of a further heart attack.

• When consuming three or more servings of oily fish each week, it is claimed that a ones health improves by up to two thirds.

• Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and may help lower risk of arthritis.

• A quick list of other possible benefits from omega 3 fish oil supplement, are dementia, depression, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes and hyperactivity.